Buckle up, dog lovers. In this touching follow-up to “Pit Stops,” Southern California author and animal advocate Michelle Sathe sets out for another exciting cross-country adventure.

Accompanying Michelle is Kara, a homeless pit bull saved from a Los Angeles County shelter. From Santa Fe to Pittsburgh, sweet Kara effortlessly charms everyone she meets as the “Pit Stops” bully breed ambassador. Meanwhile, Michelle struggles with the heartbreak of animal welfare and her ability to help an unfairly maligned breed.

From coast to coast, Michelle and Kara explore some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes and delicious cuisine. They also meet incredible Americans that passionately fight for homeless pets on a daily basis.

There’s Ashley Owen Hill of Lucky Dog Rescue, who singlehandedly saves dozens of dogs in Mississippi and thousands more online as co-founder of the Facebook app Pet Pardons. Chef Eric Vocke rescues fighting dogs off the mean streets of Maryland with the Baltimore Bully Crew, while advocate Erica Daniel of Dolly’s Foundation teaches kids and adults in Florida the meaning of compassion with the help of Dolly, a former bait dog.

As the miles pass and her bond with Kara grows, Michelle is reminded just how big a difference one special dog can make and why it’s crucial to never stop fighting for those that have no voice. Told with remarkable wit and insight, “Pit Stops 2” is a courageous journey that will have readers everywhere laughing, crying and feeling inspired.

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Dolly’s Foundation
Hello Bully
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Indy Pit Crew
Lucky Dog Rescue
Safe Humane Chicago
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Nevada Humane Society
Santa Fe Humane Society

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