When journalist and animal welfare advocate Michelle Sathe turns 40, she bypasses a midlife crisis for a great American road trip. But this isn’t just any road trip…along for the ride is Loren, a young female pit bull whom Sathe fell in love with while volunteering at The Brittany Foundation dog rescue in Southern California.

Sathe and Loren set out to explore 29 states in 50 days, for a whirlwind sampling of regional cuisine, historic landmarks, and just plain fun. They get to see places most Americans dream of: the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, New York City, and Savannah’s scenic waterfront.

The duo also come face to face with the nightmare of pit bull prejudice and the sad reality facing beleaguered “bully” breeds in America’s shelters. In places like Virginia, where Michael Vick tortured and killed pit bulls in a gruesome dog-fighting ring, and Pittsburgh, a dangerous underworld where bullies are routinely kept as enforcement, “Pit Stops” exposes the brutal tragedies man has inflicted on these most loyal creatures.

“Pit Stops” also shines a light on the incredible humane workers, volunteers and advocates from coast to coast working tirelessly to give bullies a second chance.

Mile by mile, whether they’re avoiding Ohio due to breed specific legislation or making the unlikeliest of friends in the Deep South, Sathe and Loren forge a bond that only 24/7 togetherness can create. Their exploits take readers along on an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, sadness, insight, and ultimately, hope.

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Lucky Dog Rescue
Safe Humane Chicago
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Santa Fe Humane Society

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